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2009-09-07 15:35:09 by TheMichiyo

I think it's time I said it. I haven't been around here for far too long. I mean, I wish I had an excuse as to why, but like, I don't. :3
In any case, I'll try to be more active around these parts.
If you were curious about the plot for that comic I was rumoring about, you'll just have to wait for the first chapter to be finished. (If I ever do finish it)
In other news, I cut my hair. Again. This time, it's actually short. Like, guy-short. It's amazing fun, but I look like a dude when I wear baggy t-shirts. =w=;;
Fun. What else is new... I executed an actual cosplay over the summer (success!), I started my freshman year of high school (lol) and I've developed an addiction to Mountain Dew. So much Mountain Dew....
Dammit, I'm running outta things to talk about.
Well, nice seeing ya'll again, if I'm not around too much, feel free to contact me at my Skype (seriously, everyone should get a skpe), username being "skypefulmichi", or my MSN, username being "".
Till next time...
Michi- OUT.

Epic return to basic Internet. LOVE ME.

2009-04-07 20:06:00 by TheMichiyo

Hey all! That's right, I'm still alive. You didn't miss me, did you?
OF COURSE YOU DID. *ego stroke*
Anyways, I'm gonna tell you that Pedo-Bear got to me again.
Nothing that couldn't be stopped with a shot gun and an army of zombies though.
Speaking of stories, I'm working on some new ones.
I've drawn some pictures for it. :3
The title is "Follow Through." If you wanna hear more, you can leave a comment saying "Yeah, I wanna hear about it". 'Cause if you don't I don't wanna bother explaining. ^^

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Epic return to basic Internet. LOVE ME.

In Memory of

2009-04-05 19:49:41 by TheMichiyo

Jefferson Oswald, my ferret, died this morning. I don't even know how. I'm depressed by it, so I've been distracting myself with the Internet and bike rides. I don't even know why I'm telling you guys, I just felt like talking about it, with someone other than my mom, or my sister. Jefferson Oswald, if you knew him, you'd know that he liked to sleep a lot. You'd know that he had this amazing gray and white fur. He used to be able to fit in my hand when I first got him. He grew really fast, he got so heavy in comparison. He used to like to hide under my bed, or in my shoes. He hated baths. This morning, I realized I'd only had him for a year, but honestly, it felt much longer. :/ I'm going to stop now, before I bore you all to death. If you were looking for something funny to read today, if you were looking for something distracting, if you were looking for something happy, I'm sorely sorry for not providing.

Lolwhut, haven't said anything NEW in a while?

2008-12-28 01:09:57 by TheMichiyo

Yo homies. 8D
... Hey buddies?
Wassup besties?
Howdy biffles?
Greeting friends?
Whichever introductory statement suits ya.

Anyways. Um.... NEW.
I can't post art is one thing thats new~! 8D
And uh... No video games either. Its sad.
So basically, I'm on forced-separation from technology if my dad/mom/sister can help it. ^^''
Thats not stopping me from saying howdy.
There's really no point to this post.
Today a girl quizzed me on random sh*t. I knew half of it, it was all pop culture. :/


Merry Fuckin' Chrismtas!!

2008-11-23 01:09:09 by TheMichiyo

Many apologies friends. I was separated once again, by a horrible bear out for revenge. Seriously though, my computer had a virus.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Its Christmas Eve, and my relatives came over.
Here's a list of the awesome shit I got.
1. A FUCKIN' XBOX 360!!!
2. Professor Layton and the Curious Village ((Reeeitooon!!!!))
3. Sonic the Hedgehog and the Dark Brotherhood ((My uncle's girlfriend said: Woah, Sonic's still alive?!))
4. Harajuku Lovers Fragrance in "Lil Angel". ((Not exactly practical, but who am I to complain?))
5. Family Force Five: Dance or Die ((FUCK YES.))
6. Family Force Five Skelanimals poster signed by the band. ((OMG THANKS UNCLE BRIAN!))
7. $150 dollar American Express Gift Card. ((Dude. Must get to Hot Topic. x3 ))
8. A strange looking lollipop.

Yeah, I'm happy. I can't wait for tomorrow morning. Happy Christmas peeps, have a good one! :D

My Triumphant Return to Society! My Thrilling Adventure!

2008-11-14 18:29:28 by TheMichiyo

Hello people of Newgrounds? Did you miss me? No? Then go screw a fence, cause I'm back for good! I was not separated from the Internet for logical reasons, no, the exact opposite. I was separated in endless peril, while on a journey through the mountains. Perhaps I should start from the beginning... *looks into distance*

I was writing about Mr. Rainbow being hit by a truck, when all of a sudden, bomb50 (who's name shall not be disclosed) ran up to me.
"HAI MICHI, WE'RE GOING ON AN ADVEEENTURRRREEEE!!!!" Despite my confusion, I was dragged from where I was sitting and forced into a van driving into the mountains. Bomb and I were driving along until she randomly stopped and she pushed me out of the car. Turns out it was all a part of her plans for world domination (I forgave her). e.e Annnyywaays, in the most evil way possible, bomb released a bear named Freckles to chase me to my doom. However, I'm not that easy to kill, so I ran. Like hell. Freckles chased me for a while till he got tired and fell asleep, and I hid out in a cave, where I met Batman! And then he hit me with a rock cause I looked like the Joker, (cause my hair was a mess, it was dark and my eyeliner was messed up) and I kicked him in the balls. He ran away after that. So since it was so dark and think Cthulu might have lived in that cave, and my impending doom by Freckles the bear, I had trouble sleeping. So in that effect, I hid out in the cave till morning. Freckles must have been pretty sleepy cause he was still asleep when I left the cave. I climbed to the top of the outer cave thing (y'know what I'm talking about) and hoped he couldn't climb too well. While I was sitting there, I saw the most miraculous thing. Mr. Rainbow, in his teen form, was skipping, yes skipping by! I had to go and say hi to the abused person of my imagination, so I jumped down and chased after him.
"Hey, stop chasing me, I'm trying to find the issue of Cosmo!Girl I lost out here!!" Thats what he said, I think. I didn't really care.
"Just saying that in the near future, you're gonna be hit by a truck! Or possibly a helicopter!" Haha, its true. And believe it or not (don't believe it) a helicopter landed and hit him on the head. I just kinda watched, as an old friend known as Ayumi, or Ayuyu jumped out, grasping an open umbrella to retard her fall. (IT MEANS SLOW DOWN, NOT RETARD AS IN STUPID!) Unfortunately, the roar of the helicopter woke Freckles. Ayuyu, in all her mythic glory pointed the tip of her umbrella and it turned into a gun. She shot Freckles in the head and it turned out to be Pedo bear.
"Bomb truly was pure evil! *gasp*" Anyways, so we jumped into the helicopter, stopped by a cosplay convention, and then got back home. Keep an eye out for Ayuyu, she's out here on New Grounds now.

And that is how I triumphantly returned, leaving Mr. Rainbow to be raped by Pedo Bear. Don't worry, I'll write another chapter of Mr. Rainbow laterz. Yeah. Unfortunately, I don't have anything colored to post on here yet, soo....... Party tiem? *eats a cupcake*

Everyone welcome my long time COMPANDA TheAyuYu!

Oh yeah, this is my newest picture. Its an old lineart, I've just colored it better than the first time.

My Triumphant Return to Society! My Thrilling Adventure!

Sweet Jesus I'm pissed.

2008-08-18 21:27:11 by TheMichiyo

Alright, TheMichiyo News update. I was going to tell you guys about bomb's and I's trip to Universal Studios, but I'm way too pissed off. I mean seriously. Most of the time I don't rant about what ticks me off, but I'm just so angry right now! God, those assholes. I start wearing a punk spike band on my wrist, and suddenly I'm emo. Suddenly I'm subject to verbal harassment too. Society has reached an all new low in my eyes. Not only do I have to put up with at least twelve screaming idiots two hours a day, but they harass me after school too. I've never been so pissed in two years. Apparently sexual harassment goes unpunished in CATHOLIC schools. >.< I swear, I should have threatened them. I can fire three types of gun, and pretty well too. There's photographic evidence. Lets see, civil war black powder pistol, Wincester shot gun, or Henry rifle? D:< Or maybe I can break their arm. I learned how to do that over the summer. Its all in the thumb and elbow really. >.<


An angry picture I drew a while back.

Sweet Jesus I'm pissed.

Randomness ensues.

2008-08-07 14:18:51 by TheMichiyo

Right, right, right. So I check my blog today and I get a whole bunch of comments about how shark week is over. So I'm going to explain myself. I was out for a few days at my aunt's house and stuff. I got to go shopping, which was weird. And SOULCALIBER 4 IS FINALLY OUT!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW AWESOME THIS IS?? Soulcaliber.... what a fantastic game. My cousin's friend brought it over and we got to play it. The graphics are amazing, but I could really have done without the Star Wars characters. Ah well. The character creation is also improved from Soul Caliber 3, and my cousin made the world's creepiest character ever, known as Gaybard the Boobarian. (I personally prefer to leave the "d" in Gaybard silent).
I also played Mario Party 8. My favorite characters are Peach, Boo, and Toadette. Even though I suck at all the minigames except "Flip the Monkey". Dammit Wario, why the hell is he so good at decorating cakes! Anyhoo, does anyone else like SoulCaliber? Or Mario Party? In other news, I made an AMV for the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Its not that great 'cause its my first video, but here it goes.

/* */
By the way, the story of Mr. Rainbow may have an upcoming sequel, stay tuned. :D Here is a doodle I made last month.

/* */

Randomness ensues.

Shark Week! Shark Week! Shark Week!

2008-07-27 18:26:30 by TheMichiyo

Yoyoyoyoz people of NG! Do you know what time of year it is? 'Course you do, but I'm telling you effing anyways! ITS SHARK WEEK PEOPLE!! Do you know what that means??!! It means bomb50 and I start to have spaz attacks on how awesome sharks are! It means that Discovery Channel is gonna have a whole bunch of shark themed fun stuff! Damn straight betches! Anyways, so in honor of Shark Week, my first picture of Shark Week is going to be.... What else? Of Bomb and I totally exploding with happiness!!! Haha, I really love how this came out. *starts running in happy circles* SHARK WEEK SHARK WEEK SHARK WEEK SHARK WEEK!!!! Anyways, I'm soooo worked up about the Shark Week special for Myth Busters! This is gonna be so great. Lets see.... How about a poll?
Who would win? Pikachu vs Great White Shark
We all know that the possibility of Pikachu getting eaten is by far most likely, but I wanna see everyone's opinion.
Pikachu: 3
Shark: 4
Next up on the Sharky list of doom....
Last year's shark week trailer. Don't ask. *runs around in happy circles some more*

/* */

Shark Week! Shark Week! Shark Week!

Indeed! A fantastic tale about Mr. Rainbow!

2008-07-21 20:20:34 by TheMichiyo

So, last night and this at some point today, I was PMing the ever awesome bomb50. We were talking about my new My Chemical Romance CD (I am not emo!) and something came up. After the last track there was a long period of unexplained silence, known as "Track 14". I decided that the whole thing was some kind of iTunes glitch, and dismissed it. While listening to the CD for the second time, Track 14 started playing while I was unaware of it. I figured I'd let iTunes run, so two minutes into the track, a song started playing! I double checked the track listing on the back of the disc, and read it again. It only had thirteen tracks displayed. Could it be MCR pulling a hella cool prank? Well, in the end, I went to Wikipedia to find the name of mysterious Track 14. Turns out it was called "Blood", and next to its name on the article, it said "hidden track". Finding the need to research it more, I discovered that several other bands held a hidden track, whether to avoid controversy, avoid the # 13, or my favorite reason, to just plain scare the hell out of listeners. One of the most well known artists to do this was Weird Al, who's hidden track "Bite me" was ten minutes of silence followed by a sudden outburst of cacophony. After reading about that, I couldn't resist
and wrote a story about it. Its the tale of "Mr. Brown"... No, lets call him "Green". "Black"? Whatever, his name's gonna be Mr. Rainbow.

"Mr. Rainbow has just returned home with a new CD of his favorite artist, Weird Al. He pops in the CD and head bangs to the album that mostly parodies the work of whatever the hell is popular. After its over, he goes to make himself a bowl of instant macaroni and picks up his favorite magazine "CosmoGIRL!" While relaxing and enjoying lovely silence, a sudden burst of cacaphony explodes from his CD player. He was so startled that he spilled macaroni all over Vanessa Hudgen's cover photo and a list of "quick and cute hair tips". Mr. Rainbow also suffered from a severe heart attack. THE END"

Well, what do you guys think? Anyways, if you have anything to say, about your experience with hidden tracks, funny songs, or whatever else, leave a comment, or the ghost of Mr. Rainbow will forever haunt you. Indeed.

I shall now share this video I've found to be totally awesome... You've seen Food Battle 2006... And Food Battle 2007... Now. Smosh presents.... FOOD BATTLE 2008!

/* */
New picture. I finally finished it, after roughly two weeks. I bet you're all thinking "Two weeks? For this?" Well guess what? Yes, two weeks. It took a long time to finish all the layers, mmk? I'm pretty much happy with it, but I think my lineart could be better. I'm pretty proud of the fact I got the building in the background though. Go Photoshop!

Indeed! A fantastic tale about Mr. Rainbow!