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My Triumphant Return to Society! My Thrilling Adventure!

2008-11-14 18:29:28 by TheMichiyo

Hello people of Newgrounds? Did you miss me? No? Then go screw a fence, cause I'm back for good! I was not separated from the Internet for logical reasons, no, the exact opposite. I was separated in endless peril, while on a journey through the mountains. Perhaps I should start from the beginning... *looks into distance*

I was writing about Mr. Rainbow being hit by a truck, when all of a sudden, bomb50 (who's name shall not be disclosed) ran up to me.
"HAI MICHI, WE'RE GOING ON AN ADVEEENTURRRREEEE!!!!" Despite my confusion, I was dragged from where I was sitting and forced into a van driving into the mountains. Bomb and I were driving along until she randomly stopped and she pushed me out of the car. Turns out it was all a part of her plans for world domination (I forgave her). e.e Annnyywaays, in the most evil way possible, bomb released a bear named Freckles to chase me to my doom. However, I'm not that easy to kill, so I ran. Like hell. Freckles chased me for a while till he got tired and fell asleep, and I hid out in a cave, where I met Batman! And then he hit me with a rock cause I looked like the Joker, (cause my hair was a mess, it was dark and my eyeliner was messed up) and I kicked him in the balls. He ran away after that. So since it was so dark and think Cthulu might have lived in that cave, and my impending doom by Freckles the bear, I had trouble sleeping. So in that effect, I hid out in the cave till morning. Freckles must have been pretty sleepy cause he was still asleep when I left the cave. I climbed to the top of the outer cave thing (y'know what I'm talking about) and hoped he couldn't climb too well. While I was sitting there, I saw the most miraculous thing. Mr. Rainbow, in his teen form, was skipping, yes skipping by! I had to go and say hi to the abused person of my imagination, so I jumped down and chased after him.
"Hey, stop chasing me, I'm trying to find the issue of Cosmo!Girl I lost out here!!" Thats what he said, I think. I didn't really care.
"Just saying that in the near future, you're gonna be hit by a truck! Or possibly a helicopter!" Haha, its true. And believe it or not (don't believe it) a helicopter landed and hit him on the head. I just kinda watched, as an old friend known as Ayumi, or Ayuyu jumped out, grasping an open umbrella to retard her fall. (IT MEANS SLOW DOWN, NOT RETARD AS IN STUPID!) Unfortunately, the roar of the helicopter woke Freckles. Ayuyu, in all her mythic glory pointed the tip of her umbrella and it turned into a gun. She shot Freckles in the head and it turned out to be Pedo bear.
"Bomb truly was pure evil! *gasp*" Anyways, so we jumped into the helicopter, stopped by a cosplay convention, and then got back home. Keep an eye out for Ayuyu, she's out here on New Grounds now.

And that is how I triumphantly returned, leaving Mr. Rainbow to be raped by Pedo Bear. Don't worry, I'll write another chapter of Mr. Rainbow laterz. Yeah. Unfortunately, I don't have anything colored to post on here yet, soo....... Party tiem? *eats a cupcake*

Everyone welcome my long time COMPANDA TheAyuYu!

Oh yeah, this is my newest picture. Its an old lineart, I've just colored it better than the first time.

My Triumphant Return to Society! My Thrilling Adventure!


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2008-11-14 18:51:25

Welcome back!

TheMichiyo responds:

Thank you. *bows over dramatically*


2008-11-14 18:53:36

*Applauds very hard* My hands hurt

TheMichiyo responds:

Maybe you should wear gloves! Or maybe you could clap you fingers together... Or you could snap... Haha, I can't believe how much I missed it here...


2008-11-14 19:25:02

Umm... I do not know you but..................................
WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So what crazy house did you come from?????? I'm from a place called Catawaba Hospital (insane asylum) :P


TheMichiyo responds:

I'm from a little place most people call would call "Blackwell's Island" cell 236. :D

(Blackwell's Island: Famous asylum that was was shut down because of innappropriate treatment of patients in 1887, I think..>)


2008-11-14 21:03:01

You were gone for a long time. I was wondering whether you would come back or not...

TheMichiyo responds:

Nyuu, apologies. Blame Freckles the bear. ^^'


2008-11-14 22:07:25

Awww I knew you'd make it back. It's not like I'd ever put you in any reeeal danger. It's a good thing that Pedro Bear got that little boy I sent out dressed as Mr. Rainbow because I promised I'd pay him $20 if he went out into the woods and say to the first person he met that he was looking for Cosmo!Girl. Now I don't have to pay him! : D Ayuya does seem to be so kick ass as to be able to turn an umbrella into a gun....lucky....
Welcome back again. Btw

TheMichiyo responds:

LIAR! Why did Mr. Rainbow get hit by a helicopter when I said he would then? But yes, Ayuyu is bad ass. x3 WAYFEST.


2008-11-15 09:40:49

I don't know. That's a question for Ayuyu...I mean why did she decide to hit him with the helicopter? Or maybe....I'm just messsing with you head.

TheMichiyo responds:

Maybe you're on drugs again... Hows the weed-laced gum treating you?


2008-11-15 17:32:03

Hm... Isn't it "Pedo-Bear," not "Pedro-Bear?" Saying it's pedro bear makes it seem like you think people of Latino descent are evil. Saying it was pedo-bear makes it sound like you were being chased by a cartoony bear with creepy-ass child fetishes.
Oh; and yes. IT B TEH PARTY TIEMS.


TheMichiyo responds:

Bomb told me at lunch it was pedro bear. e.e I'll fix it eventually. *dances* Partay Teeeim!!!


2008-11-15 21:20:02

I shall kick Freckles in the shins the next time I see him.

TheMichiyo responds:

Huzzah. :D


2008-11-16 00:15:32

You are back!

TheMichiyo responds:

Yesh, I am! Isn't it wonderful?


2008-11-16 22:09:23

Nice pic, has more of happy kind of feeling than your previous pics I've seen so far

TheMichiyo responds:

Haha, really? Thanks. :D


2008-11-17 18:43:03

I told you...I quit the gum. : (

TheMichiyo responds:

Oh yeah, I forgot. ^^


2008-11-17 22:30:20

The background in that picture is awesome.

TheMichiyo responds:

Thanks! Huzzah for the iTunes funkadelic visualizer and screen grabs. ^^


2008-11-21 14:58:06

were interesting story o-o

TheMichiyo responds:

Lolz, yeah. :D


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