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2009-04-05 19:49:41 by TheMichiyo

Jefferson Oswald, my ferret, died this morning. I don't even know how. I'm depressed by it, so I've been distracting myself with the Internet and bike rides. I don't even know why I'm telling you guys, I just felt like talking about it, with someone other than my mom, or my sister. Jefferson Oswald, if you knew him, you'd know that he liked to sleep a lot. You'd know that he had this amazing gray and white fur. He used to be able to fit in my hand when I first got him. He grew really fast, he got so heavy in comparison. He used to like to hide under my bed, or in my shoes. He hated baths. This morning, I realized I'd only had him for a year, but honestly, it felt much longer. :/ I'm going to stop now, before I bore you all to death. If you were looking for something funny to read today, if you were looking for something distracting, if you were looking for something happy, I'm sorely sorry for not providing.


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2009-04-05 20:24:55

Nah he probally just played dead and digged his way out after you burried him

TheMichiyo responds:

That's not really funny. And he's not buried yet.


2009-04-05 20:35:30

Well I guess that sucks then

TheMichiyo responds:

Mhm. Guess so. :\


2009-04-05 20:50:01

I will probally always remember that ur ferret died because its my dads b-day

TheMichiyo responds:

At least he'll be remembered, I guess.


2009-04-05 22:20:31

Damn, that sucks.

TheMichiyo responds:

Yeah it does. I feel a little better today, though.


2009-04-06 16:37:59

T.T He was the first and probably only ferret I ever knew to have such a cool name D': R.I.P.

TheMichiyo responds:

Its true, there will never be a more awesomely named ferret. u.u May he rest in little ferret heaven.