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Entry #18


2009-09-07 15:35:09 by TheMichiyo

I think it's time I said it. I haven't been around here for far too long. I mean, I wish I had an excuse as to why, but like, I don't. :3
In any case, I'll try to be more active around these parts.
If you were curious about the plot for that comic I was rumoring about, you'll just have to wait for the first chapter to be finished. (If I ever do finish it)
In other news, I cut my hair. Again. This time, it's actually short. Like, guy-short. It's amazing fun, but I look like a dude when I wear baggy t-shirts. =w=;;
Fun. What else is new... I executed an actual cosplay over the summer (success!), I started my freshman year of high school (lol) and I've developed an addiction to Mountain Dew. So much Mountain Dew....
Dammit, I'm running outta things to talk about.
Well, nice seeing ya'll again, if I'm not around too much, feel free to contact me at my Skype (seriously, everyone should get a skpe), username being "skypefulmichi", or my MSN, username being "".
Till next time...
Michi- OUT.


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